From ancient times, the basic nutritional needs of man, covered only by the agricultural and livestock products, which is why agriculture and animal husbandry was the main occupation of almost all people. From the earliest years is also the agriculture and livestock, were the factors supporting the home initially and then the state economy. In Greek mythology and the mythologies of other countries in the history of both ancient and modern times, there are reports and actions, through demonstrating the importance of both agriculture and livestock.

The Homeric references to goats of Odysseus, the mythological references in Gyrioni oxen, the struggle of Heracles with Achelous, the apples of the Hesperides, and the gardens of Babylon, the granaries of Pharaoh, the biblical references to Abraham, Job, Jacob etc. show that the wealth of that time, the count-based agricultural and livestock epitefmata. Because of this importance of these two activities were and are the main pillars of support currently chosen primary production sector, according to modern views of economics.

The term farming, we mean all human activities aimed damasmo the animal in a dual targeting. Man masters and tame animals by placing them at the worked, horses, mules, oxen, etc. while other animals like sheep, the goat, the semi etc. Taming of the masters and kept for their meat or milk derivatives, cheese, butter, eggs etc.

But farming and the domestication of animals is not easy and proper breeding attempt per se is not the only factor in the success of farming. A whole bunch of other imponderables, such as weather conditions, but more diseases, critically affect livestock production. For this reason, moreover, developed the science of veterinary medicine, which has contributed so greatly to the improvement of farming production and the improvement of various tools, but also to treat diseases effectively.

On this site, we will refer to all livestock operations, storage, shearing, milking, etc., will also talk to animals, forage tools and utensils, plow, yoke, crook, etc. in an effort reminder of livestock operations, show how to use the various tools and utensils, as were the work of those years ago, before the intensification of production, using unfortunately in many cases, unorthodox methods and practices, dangerous for human health.