Folklore Aitoloakarnania

Folklore Aitoloakarnania

The various aspects of our popular culture, the various aspects of folk life, customs and traditions, which are the main manifestations of mental and social life of every people, locally and nationally, are the subject of research of Folklore. For this reason, everything that one does and says people collectively, in whatever tradition it is said, should be recorded, classified and investigated. Thus, the physical life and folk creating (home, food, clothing, grooming, crafts, etc.), spiritual life (religious life, plants, animals, myths, traditions, proverbs, riddles, etc. ) and social life (customs, games, school life, etc.) are some of the key categories investigated folklore.

The tradition, as a body of knowledge and experience that the older to the newer leaves are born, it is also the folklore. Especially the tradition of a people such as the Greek, with thousands of years in the historical arena, is of particular interest because over and above all, is the key element of the national identity of our people.

These new technologies, sciences namely Information and Communications, with the rapid expansion, largely covered the requirements of all sciences, including folklore, in matters such as filing, sorting, rapid processing of audiovisual material. A key requirement of Folklore from the sciences of new technology was and ensure all those necessary tools, to the objects of folklore research to identify, digitized, archived, classified to be not only thus can the researcher, but also every person to have access to the folklore material.

We offer new technologies generously potential and can thus be digitized all audiovisual material touches of folklore interest can thus be created databases exist different classifications, depending on the selection criteria of each, to provide end to the general public Features Easy approach folklore.

The folklore of two neighboring regions of the western mainland Greece, with common historical roots of many chiletion of Aetolia and Akarnania, endeavors to use new technologies, through this website, to present and become the property of any person.

We do not claim folkloric laurels. Simple presentation is all that knew. Our decision about this folk record, led us two things. An inner impulse which has its roots in our childhood experiences and especially one finding this whole folk material, is largely unknown and totally untapped.

It is unknown folklore our material because never investigated folklore were not treated with due caution. The folklore and tradition when it loidorountai, thoroughly neglected. Folklore and tradition invoked only when they enable us boasting about our past, our history, our ancestral heritage. The folklore museum, only operate when volunteers, lovers of folklore space, which in most cases cover operational needs from its own.

The folklore also is an important component of our culture, if you have studied correctly, if I had been given due importance, could be exploited for tourist purposes. Excellent polititismika events, could become agricultural pursuits of our country, our customs, our folk art, toys us.

The contents of our website will be enriched continuously. Each time a new element (description, photo, sound, video, etc.) has identified or brought to our attention, will be added to the already existing elements of our website. Please do not, some material in his possession and he thinks that may be useful to us, please contact us. The material will remain in his possession. We use would like to know and disclose its existence. We expect your suggestions and thank you in advance.