The folklore our inventory, undertaken through the pages of this here website, can be categorized generally as follows.
There is a large category of references to agriculture. Agricultural pursuits, agricultural, farm tools, etc. described in detail, while many of them made and how to use.

Another large category includes so-called breeder. Pastoral work - occupations, farming practices, farm tools and utensils available, while also illustrated how to use or function.

In the great class titled Manners - custom, entered the manners and customs of the region, customs and traditions that shaped the lives of local residents formed synideiseis, forged letters, gave the region intercompany characteristics. All this to say that a phrase called "the identity of the region."

The folk art of our weaving, kentitiki, knitting etc, popular to say our polititismos, remarkable, admirable, with features that make it unique, among all other civilizations also extremely popular in other regions of Greece, also recorded in pages of this website.

The folk architecture, wonderful, wonderful monuments established beyond us over the millennia, is also admirable and therefore memorable and worth recording in the pages on our website. Wonderful construction of buildings (houses, temples, public buildings, etc.), with beautiful carved stones, magnificent woodwork or siderokataskefes dominate our records are located.

Since in any effort for many reasons and there are omissions, failures may be due to many many reasons, we kindly ask visitors to our website, to inform us via e-mail, Home, Chapter Communications, sending us their comments. Any addition or correction is welcome.